December 10, 2019

Where to Stay in Sydney for a Month – Fraser Suites

Robert Nader

Where to look for a long stay in Sydney for a month? Fraser Suites has more than a hundred clean and spacious rooms fit for the entire family. Thus, there is nothing stopping you from bringing everyone to your vacation in Sydney. Besides, there are a lot of sights to see in Sydney including the Opera House and Manly Beach. It would be impossible to see all those things in a day so it would be better to stay up to a month. The amenities of the hotel are pretty nice too. If you want a quick workout after feasting on one of the wonderful restaurants nearby, you can go to the gym. It is fully equipped with all the materials you need for a fast workout. For some extra relaxation, it would be advisable to head to Fraser Suites’ Spa. The masseuses there are pretty good at what they do and it is obvious they underwent rigorous training.


The location of Fraser Suites Sydney is magnificent as there are literally a bunch of astonishing shops and renowned restaurants a few steps away. You can get some recommendations from us. You won’t have to travel far when you want to get something to eat. If ever you don’t feel like eating out, you can buy ingredients at the nearest grocery and cook them at your very own kitchen. Don’t stuff yourself though because each morning starts with a buffet breakfast. The choices are tremendous as you will see all your breakfast favorites. Since it is just a few meters away from Town Hall Station, you won’t have a hard time going to any of Sydney’s tourist attractions. You may even find yourself going to some of them more than once. Finally, you can update your friends on social media since the entire hotel has free Wi-Fi.