January 3, 2021

What is a car wrap

Robert Nader

If you’ve ever spotted a car emblazoned in the camouflage print or having a chrome-like finish, then chances are high that the car has been wrapped in vinyl instead of being painted. But what is a car wrap and why do people do it? Keep on reading to find out.


What Is a Car Wrap

A car wrap is the series of vinyl decals placed over body panels of a vehicle which lets you to significantly change its appearance. Some of the design options are a gradient colour, chrome metallic colour, matte finish, a standard glossy colour as well as full-on graphics treatments.


Why Do Some People Wrap Their Cars

When you have a favourite colour which is not offered as the option from a factory, a car wrap is a great solution. Maybe you are tired of the current leased vehicle’s colour and would like the change of pace. You can try throwing a wrap on it and then driving it for some time with a new colour, after which you can remove it before a lease is up.


How Much Does A Car Wrap Usually Cost

A shop determines a price for a car wrap depending on a style of wrap, complexity of installation as well as the size of your vehicle.


How Long Does It Last

The less your car wrap gets exposed to elements, the longer it can last. If properly maintained, the car wrap may last for five years. However, excessive sun exposure may “bake in” a vinyl wrap, making it difficult to remove it while shortening its lifespan. If you park a car on a street and do not keep it clean, then a wrap might last for a year.


How To Maintain a Wrapped Car

The best method for maintaining a wrap is to keep your car in a garage. In case you don’t have the garage, try investing in a good car cover. Also, make sure to handwash your car with the soft microfiber towels. A waterless car wash is usually the best product for this purpose. But avoid automatic car washes since the harsh brushes might scratch or lift off a wrap.



Final Thoughts

While the best car wrap service in Melbourne may refresh the look of a car, a vinyl wrap still requires its own maintenance so it needs your attention, meaning if you decide to go for a car wrap, make sure to focus on its maintenance as well.