August 27, 2019

What Does A Computer Service Tech Really Do

Robert Nader

So you wish to be a computer service technician. Or maybe you are one already, but you can not decide if you’re just having a bad week or you are not suited for the job. The ability to succeed in any job and to appreciate it depends to a certain extent upon our characters, abilities, and attitudes. But how do you tell if being a support technician is ideal for you? Consider these indications that you may be on the wrong track. If they don’t apply to you, the listing of resources at the conclusion of the report will help you down this career path.


1: You do not respect other techs


Begin by analyzing your attitude toward service techs. If you do not respect the use of the support technician, irrespective of how well a specific tech performs, you probably should not be one, as you won’t value yourself or what you do.


2: You See the job just as a stepping stone


How do you find the job as service tech? Unfortunately, in most organizations, the support technician job is considered the lowest rung of the IT ladder, an entry-level place to be filled by people with minimum proven experience who will be encouraged from the spot at the first opportunity.  Eventually, you can rise to IT consultancy services in adelaide.


All too often, I have seen applicants for support technology positions state their objective as getting a system administer or DBA. Few applicants actually say they are aspiring to be a service technician. No matter the frequent lowly positioning of service techs, should you not respect the occupation as something to aspire to rather than a required rite of passage–a techie purgatory–you probably shouldn’t be a support technician.


3: You care about tech but not individuals


Ask yourself why you need to be a support technician. If it’s first and foremost as you like messing about with computers, supporting tech-ing might not be the ideal choice of career. In most organizations, the technology spends as much time, or even more, coping with user-perceived problems as with real technical issues. On the flip side, in the event that you primarily like helping people, enjoy problem solving, have boundless patience, and have some technical capability, being a service technician could make you deliriously happy.