October 21, 2019

Pet Insurance Price Australia

Robert Nader

Check out our pet insurance terms and conditions prices in Australia are determined by the type of policy you choose, the type of pet you own, its age and its breed. Pet owners are well informed that the vet costs can accumulate quickly and having insured your pet with any pet insurance can be of great help when your pet needs to be treated.

The amount you have to pay to insure your pet is mainly determined by breed, age, species among others. A pet insurance company will consider those factors to determine how frequent you are going to claim.


There are many policies you can choose from when it comes to insuring your pet. Some of these policies include accidental, comprehensive cover, illness among others. Each policy is different from the others because they don’t cover the same risk.


Comprehensive policy is more inclusive and that’s why it is more expensive and exhaustive based on what you can claim.

Your excess is the other factor that influences your premium. If you prefer to pay a more expensive addition in the event of a claim, then the amount you pay every month in insurance premiums will be greatly reduced and vice versa.


Australians care for their pets just like their families and that why they ensure their pets are in good condition and insured.

Most homeowners in Australia own dogs or cats and there is no doubt that pet insurance is part of their budgets.


Dog insurance is costlier when compared to cat insurance irrespective of the type of policy you choose.


Accident only covers in dogs and cats present a significant difference of $62.34 on an annual basis.


Accidental and illness cover


Here the cost of cat insurance is slightly small when compared to dogs as it is 44% cheaper in relation to dog insurance.


Accident, routine and illness policy


Cat insurance cost is still lower as it is 38% cheaper when compared to dog insurance. The difference may be approximately $412 annually.


The discussed above are the pet insurance prices in Australia.