October 22, 2019

Cool sneakers that are trending is Australia

Robert Nader

What sneakers are trending in Australia in 2019, right now its all about the reemergence of styles from the past, proving that fashion is an ever-turning wheel. As you are undoubtedly aware men’s fashion trends vary greatly from season to season, sneakers trends change just as fast.


Here are some classic designs that are proving to be very popular.



The Minimalist look

The classic all-white trainer is timeless, this trend has caused an upsurge in the minimalist sneaker movement, This is currently a firm favorite on the street of Australia in 2019. At the top of the list is probably Greats Royale Blanco, because of its classic look and feel but also because it will not break the bank. Many people are adding brown suede to their collection to add a little versatility.


Classics make a comeback.

Central to this trend is the Internationalist by Nike, First introduced in New York in 1982 the classic sneakers have made a huge comeback in 2019. These brands seem to drop in and out of style all the time. A classic example is the Converse One Star, this sneaker seems to drop in and out of fashion every couple of years. Stylishly sleek and available in an abundance of colours this is among the most versatile pieces of footwear on the market.


Super high tech sneakers,

The last sneaker that I am seeing on the streets of Australia this season is a newer sensation, only introduced in 2016, yes i am talking about such as the self-lacing Hyper Adapt from Nike. These are designed to adjust to the contours of everyone’s foot, making it feel like an extension of a person body. Tech sneakers are attracting attention because they are pushing the boundaries of technology to give their owners the most comfortable footwear experience they have ever had before.


Regardless of this seasons trends, go treat yourself to a new pair of sneakers and buy mens footwear online Australia, your feet are your best friends.